About our meditation classes


Topics we teach in our classes:

  • Concentration and focus
  • Proper posture
  • Dealing with thoughts
  • Creating a meditation location
  • Meditation on the heart centre
  • Discipline
  • Intuition
  • The role of a spiritual teacher
  • Spiritual life in the 21st century

    …and much more.

The classes were instructive, interesting and pleasant. I have learnt a lot about spirituality. I arrived at each class with eager anticipation and always went home inspired. I’m very grateful for all the information. It was an extremely valuable experience! – Renske

The classes were very instructive. Both the meditation techniques and the teachings about the spiritual life were a tremendous help in my meditation practice. The videos of Sri Chinmoy were also very inspiring. Through the classes I was able to reconnect with my spiritual interests. I thought everything was very thorough, especially since there was room for questions and a personal approach. – Frodi

The meditation classes were a revelation that changed my life in a very positive way. Meditation helps me become conscious of my thoughts, but it has also made me see a glimpse of the inner light. – Kim

Frequently Asked Questions about our classes:

In what language do you give the classes?

If there are any English speaking participants, we give the classes in English. Otherwise it is in Dutch.

Why are your classes for free?

We feel that meditation is a birthright that cannot be bought or sold. Inner peace, joy and love are qualities that you cannot put a price tag on. By offering the class for free we want to give everybody the chance to learn meditation, irrespective of his or her financial situation. But we keep the energy purer for ourselves as well. We would like to pass on our spiritual knowledge and experience as selflessly as possible. And we just feel that the energy flows more naturally when we offer this for free. Our spiritual teacher Sri Chinmoy never asked any money for his spiritual teachings, peace concerts or lectures. This is in line with the ancient Indian traditions where spirituality was passed on from teacher to student.

Are the classes suited for beginners?

Yes, our classes deal with all the basic elements of meditation and is definitely suited for beginners. Yet the needs of people that already have some meditation experience will also be met. Meditation can be practised in many different ways; it can be refreshing to try a new way. You always hear new things that can help you along in your practice, no matter your level of development.

What kind of meditation do you teach?

Our meditation focuses on the spiritual heart, also called the anahata chakra. The spiritual heart is located in the centre of the chest, in the place you point to when you say ‘I’. It is the centre of inner peace, harmony, faith, and the feeling of oneness. According to Sri Chinmoy the heart is the safest and purest place to meditate on. At the same time you can make very fast progress by meditating on the heart. Because the heart is by nature very pure, it is not bothered so much by the negative thinking power of our mind.
In most of our exercises we try to reach the spiritual heart. We do this by first calming the mind through concentration and breathing. When the mind is calm and quiet the energy of the heart centre will come to the fore automatically. We can also reach the heart by singing spiritual songs or chanting mantras.